Sarchem produces high quality leather chemicals in its modern production facilities located in Istanbul and SARCHEM has also subsidiaries in China, Thailand, Mexico and Germany. Sarchem exports its products to more than 22 countries using of its experience spread over many years and the international know-how. Besides, Sarchem provides complete before and after sales support, technical information with its applications for its products. This services include special solutions for all special requirements. Sarchem provides the most suitable options with highest quality with its full range of leather chemicals for garment, shoe upper, bag, upholstery and automobile upholstery leathers. SARCHEM Products fully match the customer needs and Sarchem lead its customers to high success. Sarchem adopts Total Quality Management philosophy for providing the continuousness of high quality in its products and Sarchem possesses ISO 9001 certificate for its product development, production and service areas. Due to environmental sensitive policy, chemicals with harmful content to global environment are not included in Sarchem product range. Sarchem believes in the global power of knowledge and self improvement through the guidance of innovations and adopts the motto:

"Knowledge is power"